A day in the life of a PAT tester is never the same as another but here is a typical day at GH Test and Verify.
Preparation for the day
Our engineers all have a list of jobs for the day ahead. Some of which require specialist equipment or specific instructions from our customers. Job one of the day is to ensure we have the right equipment, that its calibrated and in working order. Jobs can require different testing equipment, some mains held but also some jobs will require our battery operated testers, microwave testing kits or need equipment to help us work in small spaces. Any specific client request or instructions are understood and followed and then its time to get out to our first client, this could be contacting the client, reporting to a specific person or working around specific times to fit in with clients.
At our clients premises
At our clients, we will firstly make our self known, we then need to familiarise ourselves with any health and safety requirements of site, sign in, collect any permits to work and identify the layout of the premises and come up with a plan to test equipment in a certain order, which fits with any staff requirements of our clients. Communication is key and we try not to get in the way! we look for items which require testing normally this consists of:
Stationary equipment
IT equipment
Moveable equipment
Portable equipment
Hand-held equipment
Fixed equipment with a mains plug
What does a typical PAT test look like?
First thing a visual examination – We plug the item, we look for any damage that may cause an appliance to be faulty, this is incredibly important as most fails happen at this stage, check the flex for any damage or repairs, then the casing for any damage or exposed electrics. Visual Test Passed!
In-depth Visual
Then an in-depth inspection and test – This helps us pick up on any damage that may not be immediately visible. We open up the plug, check the cables are tight and connected, check the fuse (if it has one) and make sure its the right fuse for the appliance.
During the visual test our engineers will identify whether the appliance is a class 1 or Class 2 appliance then we will conduct earth continuity, lead polarity and insulation resistance checks, where tests are relevant to the class. Once we’ve completed these tests, we conduct a function check to ensure that everything works as it should do.
Then we plug the appliance back in pop an asset numbered sticker on the plug, lead or appliance and put the appliance back where it was when we found it. Register the results and its on to the next item. Any Problems with the plugs and fuses and we will replace them free of charge for you!
Once we have carried out all the testing, its time to pack up our equipment and head on to the next client.
At the end of each days testing
At the end of the day we need to download all of our results for the clients reports and records. PAT testing is more than just popping a label on, All our GH Test and Verify’s clients get a report and certificate of Portable Appliance Testing to ensure that their compliance records are all up to date,
Do you have to be trained to be a PAT tester?
To carry out a PAT test you need to have the right training. You need to be certified and up to date with the relevant standards for compliance. So there may need to be some training to do online or some extra work done on any new bits of equipment that GH Test and Verify have, we love to be at the front of the technology in our industry… our engineers get quite excited about a new machine!
Many business in our industry drive the services that they provide to a minimum in order to be the cheapest. Every appliance (Where appropriate) tested has a visual inspection, an in-depth visual inspection, earth continuity, lead polarity and insulation resistance checks as well as a function test, Asset numbered appliance sticker and complete business wide test report and certificate. If you want a great value, comprehensive portable appliance testing service for your business then please contact us today! 01484 556816 or email info@gh-ltd.co.uk