We were asked why commercial landlords should insist on their tenants having PAT testing done on their portable appliances so we thought we would post a blog to answer this.

There are 3 main reasons why business should PAT (Portable Appliance Testing) test:
1) Health and safety compliance,
2) Safety for appliance users
3) Reduction in risk of electrical fire.
Whilst commercial landlords are not responsible for their tenants electrical equipment the team at GH Test and Verify feel like its best practice for Commercial Landlords to ensure that their tenants have their appliances tested. The primary motivation for the landlord is the reduction in risk of electrical fire.
There have been many circumstances in the last few months where property fires have been linked directly to portable appliances and whilst PAT testing cannot prevent this, it can reduce the risk of faulty appliances being in use and ensure that landlords property assets are best protected.
You have no control over how appliances are used, or what’s plugged in when the property is not occupied, but you can ensure that they have professional portable appliance testing.
If you are a commercial landlord, you may have your own appliances either provided for tenants or in communal areas and these appliance will need to be tested also.
If you want to discuss PAT testing in Yorkshire whether for your own appliances or to introduce a professional PAT testing contractor to your tenants please drop us a line on 01484 556816 or email us at info@ghtandv.co.uk
Should Commercial Property Owners Insist on PAT Testing